Did you know that other than popping pills in illness there are a lot of ways in which you can manage and prevent different physical and mental health issues? Yes folks! The planet that we dwell in offers us with many healing agents. These healing agents either keep diseases at bay or help us to cure different ailments. The only thing is we need to know how to utilize them for our health and well-being. As a clinical psychologist and an alternative therapist, I face many questions pertaining to the scientific validity of alternative therapies. Alternative therapies are nothing but the use of natural elements to heal diseases. Some of the natural elements used in alternative therapies are water, mud, stones/pebbles, plants, roots, music, colors, magnets, crystal ball, etc. I know you must be getting amazed by reading these names. But, yes when these healing agents are used therapeutically, they can lead to magical effects.

Working System

There are many characteristics of alternative healing agents that make the suitable for healing. Some of them are:

  • Their physical properties
  • Chemical composition
  • The energies that these agents radiate
  • The electro-magnetic waves and resultant effects that they create
  • The ways or methods in which they are used

Based on the above characteristics that I have mentioned, alternative healing agents give rise to healing potentialities. Now let me tell you about some alternative therapy techniques. These techniques are very effective when they are combined with mainstream treatment interventions. Moreover, these alternative therapy techniques can also be used during normal times for overall health and well-being. Some of the most effective forms of alternative therapies are:

Aqua therapy

This therapy will help to control the recurrent thoughts and combat the negative vibes encircling you. In this therapy just take a glass filled with salty water and keep it below the bed just at the point where you place your head. If that is difficult then you can also place the glass of salty water beside your head on a table. This should be done everyday during the night time before going to sleep. After keeping the glass at its place, just give an auto-suggestion to yourself that all your disturbing thoughts and negative energies are getting absorbed by the salty water and you are getting healed from within. The next morning you will get up more fresh, healthier and with a positive spark. Precautions: While throwing the salty water away in the morning make sure that you throw the water into a sink. The water should not fall on any of your body part or other living beings. You can either throw it in the sink or any other water outlet.

Color Therapy

Different colors have different healing capacities. Some colors boost our emotions and moods. While others, tend to pacify them. Some colors have direct healing effects on our body and mind. Though a traditional color therapy requires the supervision of a color therapy practitioner, there are still ways in which you can use colors and their therapeutic effects. You can either wear clothes of such colors; surround yourself with these colors (wall paints, etc) or use a night bulb with a colored sheet of that color You can see the table below for an overview of different colors and their effects:

Colors Effects
Red Strength, warmth, motivation, courage, excitement and energy
Blue Cool and calm feeling, trust, faith, mood pacifier, logic higher cognitive skills and efficiency
Yellow Color of spirituality and higher values in life, emotional strength, creativity, a well-defined sense of self
Green Rejuvenation, inspiration, life force, abundance, positivity, vitality and balance

Color therapy is extremely helpful in stress management and management of depression, sleep disorders, anxiety, heart ailments, mood swings, restlessness, lack of motivation, and so on.

Music Therapy

This is one of my favorite forms of alternative therapies. For therapeutic purposes you can use instrumental music, sounds of nature (like waves, sounds of birds, waterfall, rains, etc). To make it even more effective you can combine music with meditation too. The reason why I recommend music therapy is you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Music therapy is drastically effective in depression, stress, anxiety, cardiac ailments, blood pressure ailments, insomnia, as a combined therapy in trauma care, during hypnosis induction, pregnancy and childbirth. Apart from this, you can use the rhyme and rhythm of music any time you feel like. It is like an all-round therapy with minimal or no side effects at all.

The magic of mud and stones

If anyone of you has a spa experience, then you might understand the effects of these healing agents. Mud is specifically effective in stress, depression, aggression, increasing body’s feel-good hormones, stomach ailments, etc. Pebbles also have cooling effects and provide relief from illnesses related to general mental health, joint and muscle problems, etc. The shape and size of pebbles are important points to take care of here. As you have seen by now, nature and our surroundings provide us with many therapy agents. If done in the right manner and at the right time, alternative therapies can boost your health quotient to unimaginable levels. So you can either use them by yourselves. Or visit an alternative therapy practitioner for more intensive treatment and care. If you have further queries on the technical know-how of alternative therapies, benefits or how to do them, please don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat/ email/ forum or comments in the blog section.

Happy to help, happy to cure!

Best Wishes,