“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” – Laurell K. Hamilton, (Mistral’s Kiss)

Almost in everyone’s lifetime there is a phase when pains and sadness, frustration and agonies strike from different dimensions and degrees. No matter how happy-go-lucky you are, no matter how strong your willpower is, there is a time when your heart aches and your eyes are moist with tears. Under such circumstances nothing and no one seems correct. Difficult life situations in a way thrust you to go on spiraling in the midst of depression and negative feelings. And when this happens it is high time to deal with it and bounce beyond the challenges, problems that you are facing.

Depression is a word that is common to every individual today. Death of a loved one, joblessness, break-up, physical and mental abuse, etc. are some of the common reasons that tend to push us into the hearth of depression. However, in clinical terms Clinical Depression has wider implications. Depression can be a cause of neuro-chemical disturbance in the brain, due to a medical condition, genetic/family history, and situational factors and so on. Subsequent research has also shown that the onset and incidence of depression is more during colder months. So this shows that environmental factors also have a role to play.

Common symptoms of depression include feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, lack / changes in appetite, changes in sleep patterns, feeling or wanting to be isolated, suicidal feelings and so on. Whatever the reason or way of manifestation of depression may be,  in reality it is a challenge not only for the person suffering from it, but his entire living environment as a whole. Starting from your personal life to your familial, social, educational/professional field; each and every aspect related to you gets affected by it. Therefore, either it is a mere sadness or a major clinical depression episode, you should never neglect it and also seek proper therapeutic assistance.

How can I stop my depression?

Treatment of depression can be done in many ways. Starting from a friend or family consoling a patient to going through intensive psychological interventions, everything plays a vital role in the treatment of depression. However, among all the treatment techniques or psychotherapies present till date, CBT is considered to be most effective in the treatment of depression. CBT stands for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Cognition refers to the complex thinking process of human mind. Eg: logical thinking, memory, analysis, decision-making, etc. Behavior refers to the observable and measurable activities of a person. Combining both the terms, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works in changing the thought processes of a person so that his behavior is changed into a positive and healthy way. The basics of CBT:

Depression and CBT

Cognitive restructuring, skills training, relaxation exercises, etc. are some of the important techniques of CBT. With the help of these techniques you can not only get help in dealing with the symptoms but also CBT can impart you with a lifelong training on preventive measures so that depression can be kept at bay.

For receiving treatment for depression through CBT you can choose so many options. One among them is seeing a CBT therapist through the face-to-face mode; other ways include self-help lessons, group therapy sessions and so on. In the present era when competitions and commitments are so many, we seldom find adequate time to take care of ourselves. Situations become even worse when going to a therapist becomes next to impossible due to some or the other reasons. In this case, online treatment is the best solution available. With the help of online therapy you can access/consult with your therapist and therapies at your own convenience. In fact, online therapy has many benefits over the traditional face-to-face mode of therapy in a hospital or clinic settings. Some of the obvious benefits of online therapy are:

  • It is less time consuming
  • It is cost effective
  • No need to wait for appointments or approvals
  • No traffic or other hassles
  • Individual attention to every client/patient
  • Absolute maintenance of client confidentiality and dignity
  • Therapist available according to the time and convenience of client
  • The client can access his therapy sessions/therapy materials at any time of the day as per his own needs.

So given to all the above benefits online CBT is the most sought after mode of treatment not only in depression but also in other ailments too.

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