Do you doodle?

Do you have a habit of scribbling lines, arrows, sceneries or stars; or simply writing your name, signature, etc when you are bored or preoccupied with some other thought?  If yes, then you are drawing or making “doodles”!!! Doodles are representative simple drawings or scribblings that have hidden meanings. Depending on your mood, unconscious motivations Continue Reading »

Psychological Solutions to Midlife Crisis

Innocence of childhood, energies and vibes of youthfulness, lessons of adulthood and wisdom of old age… Life manifests itself in many hues and shades. Each and every phase of your life reflects your journey towards self-refinement, achievements, learning, pleasure, pain, failures, success, knowledge and wisdom. In a way your life unfolds itself with new thoughts Continue Reading »

Online Treatment of Emetophobia – The Intense Fear of Vomiting

Have you seen someone extremely afraid of vomiting, sickness or feeling nauseated every time? The intense fear of vomiting, fear of throwing up in public, feeling pukish under stressful and anxiety-provoking conditions… is known as emetophobia. It is derived from the amalgamation of two Greek words, viz. εμετός or emesis meaning to vomit and φόβος, Continue Reading »